Welcome to the acupuncture-ecohouse.

My name's Vivien. I work as an acupuncturist and my dream has always been to make a beautiful, unique space to practice acupuncture in. A friend suggested building a straw bale eco-house with rammed earth tyre foundations, straw bale walls and a reciprocating roof. It seemed like a good idea. The acupuncture-ecohouse is the result.

It's in my back garden in a residential street in Oxford UK. The building process took about 10 months, and no planning permission was needed because it's equivalent to the size of a garage. In terms of costs, materials were about £5,500. All labour was given free!

In building the ecohouse we tried to make as small an ecological footprint as possible. There was very little waste and we recycled or re-used materials wherever possible.

The compromises that were made were usually because the cost or complexity of doing it in an alternative way were beyond my financial or physical resources. The point were the idealist and dreamer recognised her limitations and connected with her inner pragmatist.

To find out more detail about different parts of the building process click on the relevant page; foundations, walls, roof, inside.

To find out more about my work as a acupuncturist, click here.